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Our ultimate goal of homeopathic treatment is to achieve maximum results through the process of gentle healing which is non-invasive cost effective and is safe from side effects, we want to contribute in the homeopathic industry by spreading wonders of homeopathy.
Here at Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Alice springs we thrive to deliver high quality homeopathic treatments by not only controlling the symptoms but through deeply understanding the manner and underlying source of disease. You and your health are our main focus, therefore we use the best and most reliable homeopathic products available on the market to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

About Homeopath. Aamir Tanweer

Homeopath Aamir Tanweer has completed 4 years associate degree in Homeopathic Medical Science from a very well known institution Capital Homeopathic Medical College Islamabad Pakistan in 1998. Aamir Tanweer is well-known expert in Homeopathic Remedies and has many Humanitarian services to his credit, such as Lecturing in Homeopathic colleges and has taught Homeopathic Science to hundreds of students, furthermore spread awareness about Hepatitis when Hepatitis was not known in some regional areas of Pakistan, Establishment of Health Care Trust, Establishment of drugs addiction homeopathic treatment center, free homeopathic medical camps , Blood grouping of schools, colleges and universities students
and established free blood Bank in KPK Pakistan, his services are highly appreciated by Department of Health & National Council for Homeopathy, Government of Pakistan and has been granted a “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” in 2006 for highest recognition of his expertise in the profession.

Aamir Tanweer came to Australia to further pursue his passion for Bachelor Degree in “Homeopathic Remedies”. Here he joined well established and well-reputed leader in Homeopathic teaching institute“Australian College of Natural Medicine” Brisbane. During his studies he became a member of Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths, he supported the association by participating in meetings, group sessions, delivered and participated in several seminars for Continuing professional development of homeopathy in Australia. Aamir Tanweer is a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and Australian Association of Professional Homeopath and contributing for development of Homeopathic Medicine in Australia through Holistic Homeopathy Clinix.



Initial consultation: $120
Follow up consultation: $80
Medications: Medications are charged at the average cost currently being around $30-$50 depending on the type of consultation.

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