What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic form of Natural Medicine, which aims to treat the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms. It works on the principle that the mind and body are so strongly linked that the physical condition cannot be successfully treated without an understanding of the person’s constitution and character. Through homeopathy, we are
able to restore a person’s health and well-being, so that one can gradually and successfully overcome chronic or life-long physical ailments, psychological conditions, or spiritual obstacles that have not yielded to any other therapeutic approach.

History of Homeopathy

The journey of Homeopathic Medicine began with the discoveries, writings, and teachings of its founder, German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Since its inception, the
practice of homeopathy has continued to grow through the guidance and expertise of
health care professionals around the world. Homeopathy itself is based on the
pharmacological principle of “like cures like”.

Practice of Modern Homeopathy

Although homeopathy was founded in the eighteenth century, over time it has evolved, and with the help of modern day research and new discoveries, practice of Modern Homeopathy has introduced new scientific advancements based on current clinical practices such as molecular imprint therapeutics when combined
with the traditional system of homeopathy, these new developments allow homeopaths to study their cases more in-depth, so that they can provide help at the deepest level possible.


Aamir has changed mine and my families lives, the way we treat illness and the way we look at it! 2 years ago we were travelling through Alice Springs when my son became unwell. We were on our way through a gorge at the time when we happened to come across. After treatment from Aamir our sons pain disappeared within 15 minutes and fever within 45. Since this day Aamir has become our Physician for all things.His treatment plan for our sons enlarged adenoids and tonsils (where surgery was recommended as our “only option”) meant that he no longer needed surgery after only a few short months!
Aamir is a genuinely kind, compassionate and humble human being, with knowledge far beyond any person in the medical field I have ever come across..we as a family could not recommend him anymore highly 🧡

 Lauren Arnold – Sydney

Weeks before my wedding day. I was working two jobs, I was getting run down emotionally and physically. My skin became dull, sluggish and dehydrated  Homeopath Aamir gave me 3 types of Homeopathy medication which I took over 3-6 weeksMy skin was fantastic plump, bright and glowing for my wedding day! I felt fit and healthy.

Linseach Ni Dhochartaigh – Darwin

My son was suffering from eczema, He was getting treatment from GP but even after a fair while it was still not getting under control , Then we switched to homeopathic treatment, It was wonderful experience for us and for our child, I would definitely recommend people with eczema to try homeopathy treatment through  Aamir.

Faisal – Alice Springs


Initial consultation: $120
Follow up consultation: $80
Medications: Medications are charged at the average cost currently being around $30-$50 depending on the type of consultation.

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